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Mercury Retrograde01:56pm

Ah Mercury retrograde, the time of year when everybody and their brother asks me for computer help lol


Strategic Sorcery’s New Home01:43pm

Strategic Sorcery’s New Home | Strategic Sorcery Blog (II).

Jason Miler’s Strategic Sorcery blog has moved to:

What happened to him pretty much summarizes why I don’t typically use free hosting services for much. Blogger basically lost his blog lol

You can check the above linked post in his new blog for more details and his take on the situation.


Ebony Wand03:53pm

One of the things called for in Trithemius’ The art of drawing spirits into crystals is an ebony wand. I spent a good deal of time looking for an ebony dowel to use as a base for this with no luck. Well, about two weeks ago I found a source for one and tried it out. The order arrived today, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. The dowel is great and is going to work out perfectly for making my wand for work with the Trithemian system.

I ordered from a place called Dowels on Demand. They’ve got a large selection of woods available as well. I will say the process is a bit weird. I ordered using their online form and literally heard nothing from them. No confirmation email, nothing. That was roughly two weeks ago. The dowel arrived today in the mail, and now I need to mail a check back for payment.


The Books of Saint Cyprian11:56am

Dan Harms has just posted an excellent essay by Félix Francisco Castro covering the extant Spanish language books of St. Cyprian. Definitely worth the read if you’re interested in a branch of grimoires rarely discussed in the English speaking world.

The Books of Saint Cyprian « Papers Falling from an Attic Window.


Deneb Algedi Fixed Star Talismans10:55am

Nigel Jackson Deneb Algedi ImageI realized I didn’t post a follow-up to the Deneb Algedi fixed star election. I was able to create my own talisman, a large Chalcedony engraved with the sigil of Deneb Algedi, during the appropriate time. I was also able to prepare the engraving and components for two light box talismans during the election. The main part of this type of talisman is a piece of plexiglass hand-engraved with an image appropriate to the talisman type. In this case the plexiglass is engraved with a symbol for Capricorn and the sigil of Deneb Algedi. The engraving is then mounted in an illuminated wooden box which causes the engravings to glow. Other appropriate materials are also placed in the box, similar to a spirit box or conjure bag.

I’ll be making these two light box talismans available for sale once they’re completed. I’ll also put a page up with pictures, ritual information, etc.

Thank you to Nigel Jackson and Christopher Warnock from Renaissance Astrology Website for providing the beautiful Deneb Algedi image attached to this post.


Upcoming Deneb Algedi Fixed Star Election12:31pm

This election is from Christopher Warnock’s Spiritus Mundi Yahoo Group. The timing has been adjusted for my location.

The election if for Pittsburgh PA on Sunday September 19th, 2010 from 5:46PM – 6:06PM EDT. Deneb Algedi rises conjunct the moon, as is called for in fixed star talismans.

“Marjoram juice put under a chalcedony with its proper character, the Moon conjunct the tail of Capricorn rising, gives favor in lawsuits, improves the home in which it is kept, keeps it [the home] secure, and increases all manner of riches.”
- The Book of Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars

I’ve got a nice 100+ carat green chalcedony I’ll be engraving with the symbol of Deneb Algedi which will go on a display stand containing some Marjoram in the bottom. I’ve been a bit under the weather, but if I’m feeling up to it at the time of the election I may also engrave some plexiglass to make a few light box talismans for sale to interested individuals. I’ll post more on the light boxes if I get them made.



So the meme of the moment on occult blogs is altars. You can check out Jason Miller’s and Frater RO’s takes on their blogs, and follow links there to posts of others.

My personal altar is fairly simple. The large candles represent the powers of the Heavens and Underworld. The central altar represents the foundation in physical reality. The altar itself is a traditional double cube measuring 18″ x 18″ x 36″. An oil lamp on the altar represents the light of the Divine One. I also maintain a candle dedicated to my Genius Daimon on my altar. A ceramic bowl holds blessed water, and a green jade dish is used as an incense burner. My talismanic banners of Spica and the Pleiades hang in front of the altar. These are the items that are almost always present. I also have a mineral glass picture frame I picked up that works really well to hold images for contemplation. Other items change frequently depending on what I’m doing at the time. I have several colored altar clothes for planetary work, colored candles of various numbers come and go, etc.

I’m currently working on an altar top based on Trithemius’ The Art Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals. I have to thank Frater RO for the idea. It’s been slow going and an on-again off-again project, but it’s slowly coming together. I’ll post more on this later when I have more work done on it.


Spica Experiment Update01:57pm

Just a quick update, I’m seeing substantial movement on one of the tasks I requested be carried out. The task is something that will lead to a monetary result, and it looks like the money from the task will be substantially more than I initially anticipated. Nothing yet on the second task.


Spica Experiment02:44pm

Image Bird on Spica BannerI’m trying a bit of an experiment with my Spica banner. In the past I’ve had great success making offerings to the daimon of the talisman without giving specific instructions on what it should do. This time I’ve made a small offering with specific instructions to perform two tasks and the promise of additional offerings when each task is completed. The tasks are within the realm of the talisman’s core purpose of increasing riches. I’ll post with any results as they occur.


New Look10:45pm

I decided it was well past due for the site to have a refresh, so I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress and found a new theme I like. It’s still very much a work in progress, so if you see something that doesn’t work let me know.

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